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US Army Corps of Engineers

This project was one which included complex, confined spaces and water issues and was performed for another federal agency.
The Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg District awarded TOPCOR Services the contract to perform Soil Stabilization and Chemical Grouting to seal the joints between the monolithic conduit sections of the underground Flood Damage Reduction Reservoir for the Yazoo Basin of Arkabutla Lake. The joints between the monolithic conduit were leaking substrate sediment, risking instability in the tunnel.
Construction activities included job set up and staging for Safe Access to the underground tunnel, drilling 5/8 diameter holes in concrete ranging from 24 thick to 60 thick concrete, injection of over 500 gallons of Hydro Active Grout to establish Curtain Grouting between Monolith Conduit Joints, and the repair of cracks and miscellaneous concrete patching.


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