From our formation as a nascent contractor in 1989, TOPCOR has grown to be a multi-disciplined, self-perform group with revenues projected to reach $80 million in 2012. Our growth was steady for the first half of our existence, and in 2004 we created a Vision for aggressive growth that has catapulted our growth to new heights. This Vision included organic growth and growth through acquisition, both of which we have executed with success.

At that time, our Vision was to reach $100 million by 2017. Due to the entrepreneurial nature of our management and field execution teams, we now expect to reach that milestone by 2014, with the possibility of reaching it in 2013.

Although rapid increases in revenue and personnel (we now have approximately 500 employees) might indicate that a price was paid in safety statistics, the opposite has occurred. Due to our non-yielding demand for safety excellence and our investment toward that end, our safety statistics are now better than they have ever been, with an EMR of .73 and a record of three years and over 2 million work hours without a lost work day incident.

Whether you are an existing client, a potential client, a supplier partner or a potential employee, we invite you to join us in our Vision of growth and excellence.



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