Message From the President

n The highest part, point, surface or end; The highest degree, pitch or point; The highest position or rank

"COR” or "CORE” or "CORPS”
n The innermost part of something; The most important part; A body of persons associated under a common direction

And so our group of specialized construction firms is, in fact, "a body of persons (and companies) associated under a common direction”, where our "innermost and most important” goal is to have the "highest position or rank” in our industry, providing the safest workforce, resulting in the "highest degree” of safety statistics, and delivering quality workmanship that is considered by our clients to be of the "highest rank” among our competition.

Welcome to the TOPCOR website and welcome to TOPCOR Companies, an integration of ten self-performing specialty and general contractors that provide a wide variety of industrial and infrastructure construction, repair and protection services to the private and public sectors in the US and abroad.

At TOPCOR we pride ourselves on our safety culture, programs and performance, which exceed that of any other contractor or constructor in our fields, resulting in the ultimate goal of sending our employee-partners home each day to their families in good mental and physical health. The dedication of our family of employees has resulted in the statistics that we so proudly share with our clients:
  • Three Years and 2 million work hours without a lost workday
  • TRIR of .47
  • EMR of .73 (effective 10/1/12)

TOPCOR Services, our foundation company, was started in 1988 to address the lack of quality contractors for concrete structural restoration and protection (coatings, linings, etc.). Today's group of ten contracting companies under the TOPCOR umbrella has developed in the same way…recognizing a need for better, safer and more cost effective contracting solutions in the specialty fields that we occupy. Our unique group of synergistic services has developed into a single-source, one-stop option for our clients, and we look forward to the opportunity to support your project through 100% self-performed general contractor partnering.

We encourage you to browse our site to understand the breadth of what our group offers and specifically hope that you will view our Safety page, our most proud achievement. Please contact us with any questions or needs that you may have. Thank you for your visit.



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