Safety Success: Our Commitment

TOPCOR 2015 Safety Logo Contest Winner

"Safety Centered"


The focus on safety is indigenous of the very center of our organization; our goal being to achieve a Safety Centered environment every hour of every day and on every job.  The great success of the TOPCOR Safety program can be attributed to many individual pieces and persons of the whole program. With many different dynamics and the various tasks conducted by the TOPCOR family, a canned program or even an outside safety consultant could not have yielded the quality program or the accomplishments of our safety record. We are proud to offer a custom safety program to address every single safety standard, policy, training program,  and database and to meet the safety requirements of OSHA and other regulatory agencies as well as our client’s needs.  Our unique safety program has been built intricately from the inside out resonating from the core of our company and infiltrating outward into the lives, jobs, and communities around us where  we are called daily to share our  culture in the places we work and with the people we work with.




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